Structured Cabling

With NBN sweeping across Australia and streaming services here to stay, it is more important than ever to have a strong and reliable home networking system. While most consumer networking equipment is not reliable enough to handle our increasing streaming needs, Brisbane SmartHomes offers commercial grade networking equipment designed for 24/7 operation, as well as data trafficking for optimisation of security cameras, control systems, and audio/visual streaming.

With just a quick survey of your home, we will design a network plan that fits your specific needs of layout and speed according to your devices. For more information about data networking to reduce congestion for your streaming devices, click here.

Structured networks allow for many benefits to your home, such as full home high speed wifi coverage, allowing you to browse social media on the toilet or game without a hint of lag from the other side of the house. These networks also enable you to make redundant weekly/nightly backups and CCTV storage.

Along with installing your structured cabling from scratch, we can also fix up any messy cables and re-structure your existing network - for more information about how we can help clean up your cables, click here.

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Differences between typical and structured networks:

Typical Home Network Structured Home Network
NBN Fibre Speed 100mbit (advertised)
80mbit (Real-World Speed)
 100mbit, full utilization, load balancing
WiFi Speed 40mbit (Wireless N typical) 100mbit+ per client
WiFi Coverage 10m (Single Access Point) Full Home (Single or Multi Access Points)
Performance at full load Video Buffering, Packet Loss, device disconnections, slow webpage load times Managed and balanced packet management, network defines priority and provides reliable connections for all clients

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