These days we're all working between our homes and office. We're constantly streaming music, TV and movies, and automating our homes. With this shift in living situation we need networks that can keep up with our ever increasing demands. Sometimes our little wireless routers just can't keep up...

Brisbane SmartHomes offers commercial grade networking equipment designed for reliable, 24/7 operation. Paired with data prioritising, you can get a consistent and fast home network that you won't even know is there. It will just work.

Get some structure

Bespoke Networking

With just a quick survey of your home, we will design a network plan that fits your specific needs of layout and speed according to your devices and plans for the future.

Structured networks allow for many benefits to your home, such as full home high speed wifi coverage, allowing you to browse social media on the toilet or game without a hint of lag from the other side of the house. These networks also enable you to make redundant weekly/nightly backups and CCTV storage.

Wired? Wireless? Yes.

Seamless Home Network

A properly structed home network includes both reliable and fast wired and wireless connections. Ensure full connectivity throughout your home with a combination of ethernet wall plates and wireless access points.

Ethernet wall plates can be installed around your home for wired connections for equipment such as home entertainment and desktop computers.
In conjunction we would also setup a network of Wireless Access Points to ensure full 5GHz speeds throughout your home, so you never lose signal to your phone, laptop or portable WiFi speaker!