Have an older Control system that need repair or maintenance? We can Repair, Service and Maintain Control4, RTi, Savant, Dynalite and Cbus systems.

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If you have an older smart home or automated lighting system like with Crestron or C-bus that is getting a bit too long in the tooth, adding a Control4 system that integrates it all seamlessly with your other gear can be surprisingly affordable. You don't have to gut out your old system - just use a brand new control interface from your phone or tablet to manage it all, in one single app.

Clean up the mess

Equipment Rack Clean Up

Hundreds of ugly cables lying around can quickly become an eyesore in your home, which is why a centralised rack system is an important addition to any cabled or automated home. Whether you have audio, video, networking, or security components, Brisbane SmartHomes can turn an unsightly pile of cables into a sleek collection. By centralising your cables you can have complete functionality without compromising on aesthetic, and with a remote system like Control4 it will become easier than ever to automate your house.

If your cabling has already gotten out of hand remember that hope is not lost - as well as cabling new houses, Brisbane SmartHomes will come in to rescue cables that have been left to fall where they may. Don't spend time worrying about what your guests will think, let our professional in-house crew take care of it for you.