The power of Control4 paired with the reliability of Phillips Dynalite come together to transform your home.

Light up your Life with

Lighting Control

Advanced lighting control is easier to use and more affordable than ever. Centralising your lighting with Control4 gives you more flexibility to decide how you control lighting in your home.

Automated Routines

Make your home work for you with automated routines. Let your lights turn on, turn off, change colour or dim according to your settings and the time of day. Here's some examples:

Set lights to change to a dim warm orange in the evenings to help relax and subtly remind you that bedtime is coming...
Set your lights to turn on and blinds to open just before your alarm, easing you into the day more naturally.
Automate the lighting in your home to simulate someone being home when you're away.

More than a light switch...

Along with smartphone control of all lights, Control4 gives you the ability to design fully customisable switches that can control everything from individual and groups of lights, to predefined "scenes" and even blinds, locks and aircon.

The scenes feature is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to change the colour and brightness of multiple sets of lights all with a single button press.
For example, setup a switch near your bed to turn off all interior lights and enable outdoor security lights as you prepare for bed, or a single switch to set your living room lights to dim, simultaneously turning off your garage lights to relax when you arrive home from work.