Home Theatre

Going to the cinema leaves people with mixed feelings - the screen quality is pristine and the audio is intense, but you can't get over those noisy kids two rows down throwing popcorn at each other. From kids to adults, having a cinema all to yourself is a common dream which many feel is unattainable due to the number of components needed to make it perfect - enter Brisbane SmartHomes.

With a passion for designing premium home theatres, Brisbane SmartHomes works with some of the best interior designers and architects in South East Queensland to provide CAD drawings for room layout, acoustic treatments, and speaker and seating placements. Along with providing the plans for the room, we can also provide you with expert advice on which TVs, speakers, acoustic treatments, and even seating options to choose based on your specific preferences. 

Once you've got your dream theatre set up, why not make it completely automated? With one click of a button (or simply walking into the room if you want) the shades go down, lights dim, chairs recline to the optimal angle for your screen, and the movie's audio and visual starts in perfect harmony. Make life simple, make life smart.

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