Data Networking

Blue data networking cables organised neatly

High performance AV networks work using segmented traffic by grouping traffic that would otherwise conflict and reduce network speeds to their own specified traffic lanes called VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks). VLANs not only separate network traffic, but enhance network security by being difficult to configure and hard to apply consistently across a network.

By segmenting traffic, different device and traffic types are able to co-exist on the network without interfering with each other, and allows the user to prioritise certain lanes, ensuring the latency sensitive traffic like streaming media and VoIP is prioritised above less sensitive traffic.


Diagram showing prioritisation of data networking channels


As our technology develops, so too does our dependency on it - homes and offices (even shops and restaurants) are now smarter than ever, and our peace of mind, productivity, and entertainment all rely on internet connected devices and applications. With an average of 13.7 internet connected devices per Australian household, it's important to have a network that can support and optimise dense multi-media traffic.

Leading brands such as Pakedge have designed equipment to power resource-hungry A/V and automation systems, including high-powered chip-sets to allow for fast speeds regardless of congestion in multi-application networks. With features to prioritise latency-sensitive traffic, simplify installation and management, and optimise overall network performance, it's the obvious choice.

If you have no computer network cabling then Brisbane SmartHomes will conduct a short survey to determine the best way to install it, then provide you with a plan of what your network cabling will look like (Cat5e or Cat6e). After planning we'll get right to installing, making sure to allow for expansion in the future.

If you already have some computer network cabling in place (Cat5e or Cat6e) Brisbane SmartHomes will advise on appropriate solutions after conducting a site survey of existing equipment and discussing your needs. From a few points to hundreds, we can manage your current cabling installation while readying it for the future.

IT organisation got you feeling blue?

If your IT data cabinets have become congested with multiple patch leads and equipment, we can provide colour coded, cut to length patch leads and reorganise equipment to increase space and traceable patching.

Secure, fast WiFi and hard wired internet to every room in your home is the back bone of any smart home system.

Brisbane SmartHome complete house installations always include a hard wired data and telephone network to every room using a cost-effective structured Cat5e or Cat6e (or even fibre optic) cable infrastructure, allowing for a variety of services to shared around the home.

At its core, a home data network should allow your family to share music, photographs, and films between computers and share printers/scanners whilst maintaining secure strong wireless signals to every room for optimal internet browsing. At its finest, an excellent data network allows complex home automation to run seamlessly and reliably, along with all audio and visual equipment.

Brisbane SmartHomes offers cost effective data network cabling service while maintaining top quality for all requirements from single sockets to large office network installations - if you do require large office installations our designers will specify whether or not normal home network equipment will be enough for you or whether you will need a commercial grade set up.

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