Philips Dynalite

While most companies prefer to focus on either integration applications or smart products, Philips Dynalite decided to branch out and offer both. This enables you to shop the entire smart home process in the one place, for example if you want to be woken up gently in the mornings by a soft orange light being turned on as the sun comes up, Dynalite offers the smart lights, the daylight sensors, and the app/keypad to program the process.



Lights lights lights





Using apps, keypads, and voice control can be very helpful when integrating your house, but you can go a step further in automation. By setting up sensors in and out of your home you can truly relax knowing everything will be taken care of automatically. A water sensor in the basement can send an alert to your phone or smart watch if it detects flooding or a leak, a smart thermometer can automatically switch on the air conditioning in the kids' bedrooms if it gets above 28°C, and a motion detector at the front door can set off the alarm if someone tries to break in. The possibilities for sensors are endless and can be used to protect your family, ease the burden of a working parent, and provide peace of mind at the end of a long day.










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