Lighting Design

Lighting isn't just functional and nor should it be simply an afterthought.

Designing your perfect automated house with Brisbane SmartHomes wouldn't be complete without sitting down with our lighting design team to discuss your specific requirements for each of the different areas of the house, both inside and out. We will design and accurately document a lighting solution that provides beautiful, functional lighting to meet your specifications, taking out the guesswork when it comes to the construction and wiring phase, ensuring your satisfaction in each and every one of your spaces.

What can lighting do for you?

Lighting doesn't just light up a room, it can influence your mood and behaviour - as interior designers use colour to change the mood of a room, lighting specialists use light to help us wake up, fall asleep, or be productive in our day. Setting your lights to automatically brighten with blue hues is an effective way to wake up naturally, and warm hues that dim in the evening will help you unwind before bed.

Using directional, bright, white-hued lights allows a room to look bigger and more exciting, with diffused lights creating a softened look to calm a room - these types of lights are perfect for reading rooms and home theatres to provide a relaxed environment for your entertainment.

Light can also improve your productivity by keeping you more alert and awake, helping stave off that 3pm nap. Emulating natural sunlight by utilising the full spectrum of colour can increase dopamine and serotonin levels, controlling our cravings for sugary snacks and fighting off sleep disorders and seasonal depression. Designing your lighting can also allow you to fight glare which is one of the major causes of eyestrain - this can be reduced by dampening and diffusing the light to give your eyes a rest.

What kind of lights should you get?

Going down to your local Bunnings and grabbing some LEDs is probably going to be a disappointment if you try to connect them to your smart home - specially designed lights that are able to dim more than 40% before turning off are essential for the best lighting experience, but generic bulbs may get stuck when dimming and automatically turn off. Brightgreen provides the most energy efficient smart lighting solutions around, with LEDs that only use half the power of regular bulbs!

Each room has a different feel, and so requires different shaped and sized lights - whether it's strip lights for the kitchen or customisable mini-lights as a functional art piece in the living room, Brisbane SmartHomes can design and implement the lighting layout for your entire house based on your individual preferences.

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