"I have an idea for my smart home - what do I do now?"

So you've spent some time on our website and have some ideas about how a smart home could benefit you, but you're not sure where to go from here - this page will take you step-by-step through the process of getting your dream home.

1. Contact us

Contact us by phone or email, or go to our contact page and fill out your details so we know who you are. We can then get in touch with you and organise a time for you to come into one of our showrooms and get a (literal) feel for the technology you'll be using in your new home.

*Please Note* It can be expensive to have an architect change their designs once you've decided which aspects of a smart home you'd like to have installed, so to save money please see us before the architect and they can design around your smart technology.

2. Visit a showroom

Once you've booked a time at one of our showrooms you'll need to make sure you have some things to bring in - a floor plan of your house is essential, as this will be what our design specialists will use to create your dream home. Also feel free to bring along pictures and descriptions of things you'd like to implement, including pictures from our website, automation blogs, or your Pinterest board. Our specialists will listen to your concept and talk with you about the many design options available to you, and make sure they see your dream as clearly as you do.

3. The Proposal

One or two weeks after the meeting at the showroom, our design specialists will send you a proposal - a document containing detailed descriptions of all the technology that would be placed in your home (and where, thanks to the floor plan you provide), which brands we recommend and why, and a breakdown of costs for each step of the automation including an overall summary. Transparency is important to us so we will always be able to provide you the "why" behind every suggestion, and remember you will always have the final say on what goes ahead. We recommend you read through this proposal in your own time, but our specialists will go through it with you again at your next appointment - we hope you say "I do"!

4. Come back to the showroom

Once you've read through the proposal (or not!) book another time at the showroom and our specialists will go through the proposal and ask you any last minute questions. If everything is to your liking and you choose to engage us with your smart home, we'll ask that you pay a deposit for the project and provide us with the contact details of your architect, interior designer, builder, etc. With these contacts we will be able to work closely with the other designers on your house to ensure there is no miscommunication.

5. Work starts

After discussing the details of your smart home with the other designers and builders we will begin work, sending regular invoices after work is done so you don't pay for promises. We will have constant contact with you to make sure every aspect of the house is to your liking, from which model speakers to put in the living room down to the colour of the finish on the door locks.

6. Move in

That's it. After building your dream home our specialists will give you a guided walk-through to make sure you know how to use every device. If you would like help setting up automatic locks or creating a "Goodmorning" button, this is when we'll set it up. Once you've got the hang of the controls we'll move out and you'll move in - it's that easy! Take care of your family, we'll take care of the house.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact us here.


From start to finish, cabling or automating a home requires meticulous documentation to ensure success and while Brisbane SmartHomes is involved with your home, you will get just that. With engineering documents before the technicians start work, updates regarding changes to plans or time-frames, and a finished set of documented plans once the home is completed, you will always remain in the loop and in control.

If you are building from scratch or renovating your home it is important to prewire your home, and Brisbane SmartHomes can provide documentation services as separate services to clients wanting a quote for the prewire stage only. We will also work with builders and electricians who are experienced in cabling and automation services to ensure they quote according to the documentation provided, and we can provide detailed costing for the prewire stage.

Here is a brief overview of 5 documentation packages we can provide:

Floor Plan Layout Package

This is the most requested package - it provides the basic design and clarifies the location of key devices. This package includes the floor plan, notes, legend, categories, and schedule.


Full-System Block Diagram Package

Using This block diagram shows all electronics and full-system infrastructure in one place, providing the big-picture overview. This package includes the block diagrams, legend, and device and pre-wire schedules.

Detailed Schematic Diagrams Package

This package shows all external and interconnecting cables and wire terminations, and includes head-end, equipment rack, and room electronics schematics and legends.

Equipment Racks Layout Package

This package shows the placement of all rack-mounted equipment and includes power and ventilation requirements for rack installation.


Presentation/Theatre Room Layout Package

This package includes a detailed floor plan with audio/visual equipment placement, as well as elevation and 3D room perspective views. Audio/visual site-lines allows architects, cabinet designers, interior designers and contractors to achieve optimal entertainment value.

For more information or to book an appointment, contact us here.