Since 1989, Paradox's mission has been to provide customers with personalized service, to manufacture innovative and quality products, and to continually build a strong team to move forward together, consisting of customers, employees, and suppliers.

As a private company, they are not driven by short-term profit or concerned with stock pricing - instead their fuel is their passion towards developing innovative products, all the while fulfilling their customer's wishes and listening to their feedback

Being focused on the future means Paradox invests heavily each year into their research and development department - their goal is to constantly refine their products and adapt to changing technologies and new standards of living, by providing innovative, easy to use, and unique products.

Quality is at the forefront of Ness business and the company has been accredited to the International ISO9001/2000 Quality Standard since 1992. Ness has also achieved intrinsically safe product certification to MP87 standard and recognition locally with multiple Australian Designer awards for excellence in design and innovation.

Co-founded in 1972, Ness aimed to 'reinvent the wheel' when it came to security products and subsequently moved into designing and manufacturing world class security systems. By partnering with suppliers from the USA, Asia, and Europe, Ness brings leading edge technology - such as alarm panels, motion detectors, access control, and CCTV to name a few - to customers in all areas of the industry.


Founded in 2005, Savant is a recognized leader in the field of home control and automation providing products that are inventive, easy to use, and future-friendly so their customers will be able to enjoy them for years. Over the years they have evolved alongside technology and consumer-desires, becoming the home automation brand of choice for the world's most luxurious homes, castles, and even yachts.


Control4 is a leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions that allow you to control virtually any device in a home or business, automatically. Founded in 2003, their mission is to deliver an elegant and more affordable way to control and automate lighting, music, video, and security in a single room or throughout the entire home.

Believing that life is better when everything works together allows Control4 to interoperate with nearly 11,000 third-party consumer electronics devices. By partnering with the biggest brands in the industry, Control4 leads in interoperability and ensures an ever-expanding eco-system of devices that will work together in the home or business.

Tried and tested by more than 30,000 projects, Philips Dynalite is the world's finest lighting control system, having implemented some of the largest and most extensive control networks around the globe. With unrivaled experience and a reputation based on delivering successful outcomes for challenging projects, Philips lighting builds on their strengths to bring the best-in-industry connected lighting systems to their valued customers and partners.



Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries was founded in 1983 based on the observation that customers often requested a combinations of size, shape, performance, and price that existing brands could not offer. Now with over 30 years of experience and global recognition they can proudly say they've taken a stance on sound that has inspired music and cinema lovers, and challenged the competition to catch up.

With over one million satisfied DALI owners, they bring music and film to life at home, providing owners a more honest, nuanced, and richly detailed listening experience - a key contributing factor to this is their exclusive DALI driver units designed from scratch by our engineers in collaboration with experts from the world's leading driver manufacturers.


Established in 1961, Kent Engineering and Foundry (KEF) is a renowned British manufacturer of audio products and the producer of the famous 'racetrack' shaped woofer, the B139. Technical expertise and innovative designs have allowed KEF to create multi-award winning home theatre systems and class-leading Hi-Fi stereo speakers.



Bowers & Wilkins has a long history of technological innovation in its pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker - whether it’s through the innovative use of materials such as Kevlar and Diamond, new solutions to complex engineering conundrums, or ‘eureka moments’ of brilliance, Bowers & Wilkins engineers constantly strive to produce the best possible sound.

As one of the most respected companies in the industry B&W have had their flagship products used in prestigious studios like Abbey Road and Lucasfilm, among others, and won worldwide acclaim for their entire range of products.


Steinway Lyngdorf delivers high performance digital sound systems that combine design artistry and the finest craftsmanship with perfected technology. Founded by Peter Lyngdorf and based in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf is the result of a visionary ambition and uncompromising commitment – a shared dream which brings together Steinway & Sons, makers of the world’s finest pianos for over 150 years, and Peter Lyngdorf, one of the most forward-thinking audio innovators of our time.



For over 80 years Loewe has invented television and kept their “Made in Germany” promise, with development, production and service departments still based in Kronach (Upper Franconia). Loewe systems are designed to last and have emphasis on economic energy consumption, with modular technology, premium materials, precise workmanship, regular software updates and, not least, timeless design to guarantee the great feeling of owning a sustainable product.
Crucial to the success of Loewe is the combination of high-tech, design, quality, and ease of use - the products are characterised by clean, precise and elegant shapes that retain their quality of finish throughout their lifetime, and which have already won more than 200 international design awards.



BenQ is a world-leading human technology and solutions provider driven by the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life” - with this they aim to elevate and enrich the most important aspects of life such as lifestyle, business, healthcare, and education. Standing by their philosophy of "Because it matters", BenQ is committed to empower people to live better with people-driven and innovative products, services, and solutions. 

BenQ believes that design and technology function best when they serve the real needs and wants of people, meaning they listen and ask questions to business professionals, families, teachers, and even gamers to understand how their products can better fit with people's ever-changing lifestyles.


Founded in 1972, NAD set out to prove that excellent sound quality and excellent value could exist together - while this goal was formidable, NAD's founders remained undettered and went on to tackle audio giants while making a name for themselves.

By focusing solely on the essentials for good sound and ignoring excessive extras that bloated costs, NAD aimed to provide an amplifier that even young people could afford.



For more than half a century, the name Marantz has identified the best in home entertainment. And today, even in the midst of burgeoning and often confusing technology, these components still emulate the vision that originally drove Saul Marantz to expand the sensory horizons of even the most demanding aficionados.

By combining their love of music with their conceptual engineering design approach, Marantz is able to create unparalleled high-quality audio products to allow other lovers of music to experience the moment on a budget that won't break the bank.


Originally established in Japan in 1887, Yamaha has continued to produce high-quality products by blending traditional craftsmanship with advanced digital technology. From making reed organs in 1887 to producing amplifiers in 1955, Yamaha continues to create top quality products to inspire you to play, create, and feel.


Manhattan Home Cinema Seating recliners are meticulously designed in Australia to give you the best possible value for money, and use quality parts from around the world to create designs to suit every taste.
By only selling as made-to-order and providing unlimited finish options, Manhattan seating gives you the only true custom finish to suit your personal style. With premium seating in mind these chairs come standard with ultra-quiet 'stealth' motors allowing your chair to stay at any angle you choose, and can be combined into rows with almost limitless variations. With mechanisms designed for cinema usage,the chair moves forward when it is reclined to allow the chair to be placed very close to the wall, and the leg rest comes up before all of this to allow more flexibility in how far back you wish to recline.


When it comes to sound reproduction in concert halls, theatres, cinemas, festivals, nightclubs and anywhere else that sound really matters, JBL can confidently say “Been there, done that."
Before THX® and Dolby®, before stereo and even hi-fi, there was JBL, and today in more than 70% of all professional installations around the world JBL Loudspeakers continue to be the one benchmark for quality, the singular reference for accuracy in the playback of recorded sound.
JBL takes its decades of experience making speakers and other equipment for concert halls and other public venues and uses it to create audio equipment for consumers around the world - it's the one brand audio professionals rely on. The fact remains: wherever the need and whatever the budget, JBL is the leader, the innovator, the authority.

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