Automated Blinds

Rolls of fabric for automated blinds

Saving energy is easy when you coordinate your blinds and lights to automatically adjust to the time of day, but where do you get automatic blinds? Brisbane SmartHomes. With premium quality fabrics from local Australian designers and silent motors from Lutron, paired with mounted keypads or connected to your smart phone, our blinds seamlessly integrate with your chosen automation system so you don't need to shop around. We know that simplicity is key which is why we believe in one system for everything, be that Control4, or whatever else - you choose! If you decide you've changed your mind on your control system, these blinds can easily be integrated with the next system you pick with no hassle.

When it comes to remotes we know everyone has their own taste, and that's why we have so many options for our blind control. Customise the engraving on the buttons on your wall-mounted interface, and choose the colour of the mount itself to give it a feel you'll love.

Control4 wall panel with buttons to control lighting and sound

With patented technology, Lutron motors allow every blind in a room to close perfectly in sync with each other, silently, giving a luxury feel to your environment. They also come with 100 presets built in to the motor, giving you more control on exactly how much light you want to let in - you can also customise presets to match your routine, such as a work mode that pulls the blinds to the optimal position for your room to reduce glare and eyestrain.

If you're looking for blinds in your home theatre or bedroom, we can offer you complete black-out blinds or a combination of black-out and sheer blinds. Using unique ceiling pockets and side channels among other treatments, we are able to make sure zero light escapes through the top of your blinds so you sleep easier.



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