Acoustic Treatments

Large beige room with acoustic treatment panels on the left, right, and centre walls

When trying to maintain the best possible sound quality in a room it is important to consider not only the speakers and the audio itself, but the room in which you are listening - be it your home theatre, studio, business, or even bedroom. With different materials for the walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture, sound can get distorted by the time it gets to the listener by reflecting and diffusing off certain materials, which is why it is important to consider acoustic treatments for premium sound.

At Brisbane SmartHomes we know you haven't got the time to search through endless options of diffusers and absorbers, which is why our in-house crew will be happy to analyse the area, select the highest quality treatments without skimping on aesthetics to design the layout of the room, and completely install the treatments without you lifting a finger.

Close up of acoustic panels next to staircase

Elderly or hard of hearing?

Many elderly people wish to retain their independence long after their retirement, moving into smaller, easier to maintain apartments with less furniture - for those wishing to enjoy their audio to the fullest, most find that the echo in these places completely ruins their listening experience. Acoustic treatment uses a range of materials such as foam and wood to effectively diffuse and absorb unwanted echo to provide the highest quality sound available, and the in-house crew at Brisbane SmartHomes are more than happy to drop in for a survey of the room, and completely design and install a treatment for your particular room based on your needs and visual preferences. Acoustic treatments can also be beneficial for those with reduced hearing, as eliminating echo allows the listener to focus solely on the audio they want to hear, without distraction or distortion.

Black and white picture of Bowers & Wilkins speakers next to acoustic panels

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