Did you remember to lock your front door this morning?

Smart locks give you the ability to check and even remotely lock your doors from anywhere, even while on holiday.

Locked up Tight

Rest Easy with Smart Locks

As part of a Control4 scene, or if you prefer to simply control them yourself via phone or wall panel, smart locks can let you rest easy in the knowledge that your house is secure.

The ability to quickly check and control all of the locks in your house from anywhere saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

Deliveries, safe and sound

Remote Lock Control

Smart Locks give you the ability to control locks from anywhere, expecting a delivery while you're at work? Using your intercom you can unlock your door or front gate for a delivery person to drop off your package where it's safe, while staying in contact with them to ensure that's all they do.

This can also be used for letting trusted guests wait in your home before you arrive or letting you kids in when they forget their keys, or arrive home late when you're already in bed.