Centralise the control of your home lighting, blinds, aircon and more to keep your home comfortable at all times.

A warm welcome

Environment Control

Arrive home to a well-lit house, shades drawn, and the perfect temperature. Automate aircon to start as you leave work to ensure your home is the perfect temperature when you arrive home. Link garage doors and lighting to shades and lights in your living room to light up as you walk in.

Automated Routines

Make your home work for you with automated routines. Let your blinds open and close to follow the sun, and aircon to save energy by only coming on when it's needed. Here's some examples:

Set your blinds to keep the sun out in summer and let it in during winter, meaning aircon won't need to work as hard to save you money on your bill.
Set blinds to close and aircon to switch off while you're at work when you don't need them. Then open up and get your house to temperature just as you arrive home.
Keep your home at the best temperature to help you get a good night's sleep, automate blinds to open before your alarm to let in sunlight and wake you up naturally.

Precise Control

Control4's touchpads and phone app give you precise control over all aspects of your house, easily control temperature to an exact degree per room or for the whole house. Control the position of blinds down to the centimetre and get lights to the exact brightness you prefer.