Cel-Fi by Nextivity is our trusted solution for Mobile Signal Enhancement. To ensure a consistent and reliable network throughout your home.

Never lose Signal

Ensure consistent coverage

Wi-Fi can do a lot for our home communication, however there are some things that still rely on mobile signal, while Wi-Fi calling is well established there are often situations where the mobile signal must be used.
Cel-Fi by Nextivity is a powerful technology that uses digital signal coverage to extend mobile signal throughout your home without any signal loss.

Linus Tech Tips

Let Linus Explain...

Due to his chosen method of heating, Linus' new home had little to no mobile coverage. After a lot of searching he finally found the solution for him, Cel-Fi!

Created for big business

Originally created as a solution that multi-million dollar businesses could rely on to ensure full coverage in large high-rises and carparks, Cel-Fi has been adapted for residential applications.

Connectivity is Now the Fourth Utility

One of the key lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is how important connectivity is to people at home. In 2020, connectivity became top-of-mind for more than just those with home offices – it was now necessary for everything from ordering groceries to visiting with a doctor. Read any guide to apartment hunting and it will tell you to check the cellular on your device from every room while on your tour. Now that residents expect network access, facility managers are challenged by the array of available options – why not simply bring all the major operators’ cellular signals inside? Cellular connectivity is secure, seamless, doesn’t require IT resources to manage, and log-ins aren’t required as residents move throughout the site.