Home Theatre

Lose yourself in the world of film with your own home theatre. Brisbane SmartHomes' team can create immersive and seamless cinema experience in your home.

No-Fuss Packages Bespoke Home Theatre Design

Lights, Camera, Action!

You sit in your plush reclining sofa, drinks and popcorn ready to go. You choose a movie and with the touch of a button the lights go down and the sound comes up as your plunge into the world of film. The ultimate immersive experience as meant by filmmakers.

Escape from the outside world. With stylised low lighting to pitch darkness, you choose how you want to experience film.
Expert screen and projector placement, sound design and acoustic treatment. All tailored to create the best immersive experience for you.
The newest in automatic recliners with drink coolers, cup holders and side tables. Individual seats are designed to meet your preferences.

Award Winning Design

You can trust Brisbane HiFi's award winning team of designers and installers to bring the best theatre experience to your home. Interior and acoustic design of the space.
Positioning, installation and tuning of your perfect sound system. The best visuals available to suit your tastes.

Sit back and switch off the outside world for a couple hours as you lose yourself in film.