Home Security

Keeping your family safe is our top priority at Brisbane SmartHomes, let our team of licensed experts help you sleep easier.

Powered by AI and Control4 Automation, our security solutions ensure you and your valuables are kept safe, wherever you are, without hassle and minimal false alarms.

A home that keeps you safe

Comprehensive, Automated Security

Never worry about forgetting to engage your security, get peace of mind while travelling with remote alerts, and never end up turning it all off after too many false alarms...

A good mix of CCTV, security lighting, alarms and alerts and automated locks can help to keep you and your home safe and deter intruders. Setup automated security routines to ensure around the clock safety. Get smart cameras that see in full colour, 24/7 and can tell the difference between a home intruder and a possum.

CCTV & Intercom

Smart cameras that can see in all light levels, tell if something is on your property, next-door or just walking past and filter real threats to reduce false alarms and alerts.

Answer the door for deliveries while at work or talk to your neighbours if they drop by while you're away.

See what's possible

Alarms and Alerts

Get alerts on your phone no matter where you are. Visitors, your kids arriving home from school or emergency notifications.

Setup alarms to alert you and the authorities, as well as deter intruders if needed.

Always know what's happening

Smart Locks

Control your door locks from bed, from work, from anywhere!

Never second guess if you've locked up when you leave the house again. Temporarily unlock the door for delivery people or if your kids forget their keys. Have your house automatically lock when you turn your lights off at night.

Lock-up and stay safe